Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks end beef to collaborate together

Banks will reportedly appear on Azalea's new album 'Digital Distortion'

Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks appear to have ended their long-running beef, with Azalea announcing that Banks will appear on her new album.

Azalea’s album ‘Digital Distortion’, the follow-up to her 2014 debut ‘The New Classic’, had been expected to drop in 2016 but has not yet surfaced. In March of this year, Azalea apologised to her fans for delaying ‘Digital Distortion’, citing how her life had been affected by “so many personal changes”. The album was then scheduled for the end of June but again failed to materialise.

Now, Azalea has taken to Snapchat to reveal that long-time foe Banks will appear on the LP when it does finally arrive. “Public service announcement. Azealia is going to be on [Digital Distortion],” the Australian rapper recently wrote. “We are collaborating. Burn your wigs now or preserve them in your freezer for release day.”


Banks had previously been critical about Azalea’s apparent silence about black issues, adding that “That Iggy Azalea shit isn’t better than any fucking black girl that’s rapping today.” Iggy fired back, calling her counterpart “miserable” and “poisonous”.

Following the initial news, Azalea later took to Twitter to say: “I dont expect you guys to understand why i would collaborate with someone who has publicly said they hope i die… This has been something extremely negative for so long, if there is a way to make it positive and also be creative together, im here for it.”

She later added that she still “disagree[s] with [Banks] on tons” but that “females in rap need to really be unified to prosper”. See her tweets below.







Late last month, Banks shared a message allegedly from Azalea that said that she doesn’t “hate” her and that the pair should “move past trivial beef with strangers”.


Iggy Azalea was recently the target of criticism from Halsey, who said: “There’s a lot of people I wouldn’t put on my record… Iggy Azalea: absolutely not. She had a complete disregard for black culture. Fucking moron. I watched her career dissolve and it fascinated me.”

Responding, Azalea fired back: “It’s a bit weird to bring someone up in an interview that you weren’t asked about.” She continued: “I don’t know her, I’ve never met her or interacted with her in any capacity, so I thought it was a bit of a strange thing to kind of throw that out there. But she’s young and you know I hope that she kind of learns maybe to be a bit less judgmental when she’s kind of in the same shoes.”