Iggy Azalea slams Eminem as ‘lazy’ over his diss track Killshot

She also accused the rapper of "picking names that fit easily into a rhyme scheme"

Iggy Azalea has clapped back at Eminem after he called her a ‘ho’ on his latest diss track ‘Killshot’.

The song has been the centre of much attention. It is the latest stage of a feud between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly, but uses Azalea’s name to take a swipe at Kelly.

On the track, Eminem raps: ‘You ain’t never made a list next to no Biggy, no Jay, next to Taylor Swift and that Iggy ho, you about to really blow.’


And Azalea took to Twitter to express her anger at the unwanted namecheck.







“Diss songs shouldn’t be filled with celebrity name drops to pad out lazy bars,” she blasted. That tweet alone garnered 3.9k comments.

Revealing that she is an Eminem fan and has seen him live, Azalea continued: “And that’s my unbiased opinion from a girl that watched this guys set and sung the words in the crowd. I’d think it regardless.

“One of the greatest to do it, I’m NOT in dispute about that. But I do think the name dropping thing has become a crotch [sic].”

Accepting that she was about to receive a lot of feedback from ardent Eminem fans, she tweeted: “I am beyond prepared to be trolled for this opinion Hahahahaha”.

She went on to explain why she called Eminem “lazy”, writing: “The earlier stuff was crazy, twisted and creative. This stuff feels more like picking names that fit easily into a rhyme scheme.”

Twitter users were quick to note that tickets to Iggy Azalea’s tour just so happened to go on sale the same day. What a handy coincidence.

Eminem kickstarted the recent spate of diss tracks by calling Machine Gun Kelly out on ‘Kamikaze‘ track ‘Not Alike’. Kelly then responded with ‘Rap Devil’, on which he referenced Eminem’s sobriety and age.

On ‘Killshot’, the Detroit star questions: “How you gonna name yourself after a damn gun and have a man bun?” He also fires back at Kelly’s lines, rapping: “I’m 45 and I’m still outselling you/By 29 I had three albums that had blew.“