Watch Iggy Pop throw peanut butter at a crowd in Jim Jarmusch’s new Stooges doc

The documentary premiered earlier this year

One of Iggy Pop’s more infamous on-stage antics has been captured in a forthcoming documentary about the Stooges.

A newly released clip from Jim Jarmusch’s Gimme Danger, which looks back on the legacy of the proto-punk band, features footage of Iggy flinging peanut butter into a crowd.

The incident took place at a 1970 concert in Cinicinnati, where Iggy smeared peanut butter on himself before jumping into the audience during a performance of ‘Fun House’ track ’1970’.


An announcer in the recording can be heard saying, “Since we broke away for our [commercial], Iggy has been in the crowd and out again three different times.”

In a voiceover, Iggy explains: “The group was always very aware of the theatrics of the moment and they never moved ever”.

Gimme Danger premiered at Cannes Film Festival earlier this year.

Speaking at a press conference for the doc, Iggy said: “I was on acid in more than several of the clips in the movie when I was young. I would go from feeling very aggressive to breaking out in laughter,” he continued, stating he no longer does any drugs. “I don’t do it. I have wine with dinner and that’s about it.”

Director Jim Jarmusch has previously told IndieWire that the documentary is more of an ‘essay’ than a document, describing Gimme Danger as a “love letter to possibly the greatest band in rock‘n’roll history”.