Iggy Pop guests on Josh Homme’s ‘Alligator Hour’ at SXSW

The pair recently collaborated on Iggy Pop's 'Post Pop Depression'

Fresh from pairing up on ‘Post Pop Depression’, Iggy Pop guested on Josh Homme’s ‘Alligator Hour’ mixtape show on Apples’ Beat1 radio this week, with the pair recording the show live at SXSW.

The pair talked about their early bands, including Iggy Pops’ time playing in The Iguanas, from where he took his name. They also talked in-depth on a few artists they love and played some of their music, touching on technology in music, and taking questions from the audience.

Apple have released a brief clip of the pair’s chat, below, featuring a discussion of Ray Charles (the whole episode can be listened to on iTunes, here):

Post Pop Depression was released last week (March 18), and the previous episode of the show involved St Vincent and Homme discussing their memories of Iggy Pop.

Iggy Pop has also recently taken part in a nude modelling session in New York, with the veteran rocker later saying:

“It was not about anything silly. It wasn’t about my winkie, or anything. It was just a documentation of what’s left of me. I thought it was a good idea the artist had and I enjoyed so much the company of the 21 drawing students and working artists. It was a very nice vibe in the room.”

“It’s not the sort of thing I’m going to start doing as a weekend job. I did it once at the start of my career, I was photographed also without clothes by Bill King and Gerard Malanga from the Warhol Factory, so it was time.”