Iggy Pop sent Josh Homme three essays about his sex life before recording new album together

New album 'Post-Pop Depression' is out later this month

Iggy Pop convinced Josh Homme to record his new solo album by sending him three essays about his sex life.

Pop will release new album ‘Post-Pop Depression’ later this month (March 18). The album was recorded with producer Homme, who also played on it alongside Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders.

Pop and Homme sat down with The Guardian to discuss the making of the album with the punk frontman explaining what he wanted from the album and why Homme had to be involved.


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“I was looking to make high-quality, non-band solo work, where you really put both feet into it,” he said. “I’d been skirting around it: doing an album in French, or a soundtrack, or a reunion band album. I wanted to find the best and he’s the best. I sent him a dossier on me by FedEx: written form, no email. I sent him three essays I’d written on my sex life about specific people. I also sent him an interview I did with an eminent critic here in New York about his concerns about my career.”


Homme admitted that he was taken back by the delivery: “When I got his package it was so inspiring, and a bit overwhelming. I didn’t send anything back for three months.”

However, the Queens of the Stone Age frontman was full of praise for his new collaborator: “Lemmy is gone. Bowie is gone. He’s the last of the one-and-onlys,” he said. “It took balls to be him: a little guy with a big dick scaring people in Detroit. Everyone should take a knee for Iggy. He deserves it. He never got [the respect or the acclaim], mostly by his own hand, but he made the shit that’s spawned more bands than any other person, ever. Bring on the statues, you motherfuckers!”

Iggy Pop will headline London’s Royal Albert Hall with new bandmates Josh Homme and Matt Helders in May.


The band will be playing select live dates around the globe, with Homme on record as saying they will only perform in “small, beautiful theaters where their presence might still seem disruptive.”

The first UK venue to host the band will be the Royal Albert Hall in London with the band set to play on May 13.

Iggy Pop will play:

London, Royal Albert Hall (May 13)