Iggy Pop: ‘I twerk around the house with my wife’

The singer also says he weaned himself off drugs through "craft and willpower"

Iggy Pop has revealed that he twerks at home “when a good beat comes on”.

Responding to an interview earlier this year in which Blondie singer Debbie Harry claimed Pop had been twerking for most of his career, the singer then admitted that he liked to perform the popular dance move with his wife Nina Alu.

“When something with a good beat comes on, I twerk around the house with my wife,” he told Bang Showbiz. “Her father’s Nigerian and she can twerk. And I try. I like to shake that thing.” Pop married Alu in 2008.


Elsewhere in the interview, Iggy Pop also opened up about his previous drug addiction, stating that he rarely went to rehab and weaned himself off narcotics through “craft and willpower”. “I was pretty alky for a couple of years. I went from grass to hashish to LSD to heroin. Then coke and heroin. Then down the steps from there to meth and Quaaludes. Then, finally, all the way down to outside the liquor store at 6am, waiting for them to open,” he stated. “Finally, little by little, I was able to wean myself off that with a combination of craft and willpower.”

Continuing, he also stated that he rarely went to rehab for his well-documented addiction because he was considered “a hero” in the facility. “In rehab I was a hero. I went into one – I’d had a relapse in the early 1980s – and it was all, ‘Hey Iggy, I’ve got some Valium, wanna have a Jacuzzi?’ ” he revealed.

Meanwhile, earlier this year the singer said that he earned so little from album sales that he would have to tend bars, were it were not from revenue from other areas. Pop had previously come under fire for his involvement in a commercial for Swiftcover insurance.