Iggy Pop: ‘I don’t like punk’

Singer says being hailed as godfather of movement gets 'tedious'

Iggy Pop has claimed that he is not a fan of punk music.

The Stooges frontman is often referred to as the godfather of punk but, in an interview with Classic Rock, he said he was not a fan of the title and found it “tedious”.

“They have to have a place to put me to reference in the whole thing,” he said of industry figures who use the accolade. “And they think they have to explain that to an audience of people who are similarly lacking in intelligence or education. So you get that. It’s okay. But it’s tedious.”

He went on to explain he had been asked to promote a show by giving a radio interview to a station when the subject of punk had come up. “We hadn’t sold out one of the shows, so the promoter wanted me to go on the radio. So I said: ‘Alright, I’ll do an interview.’ Well, then that wasn’t enough. They wanted me to talk about five punk songs. And I told them: ‘I don’t like punk.'”

The frontman also responded to rumours that he had threatened to show his penis to the audience at the band’s gig at this year’s SXSW in Austin, Texas. “I wasn’t threatening them,” he said. “I mean, I never really have displayed my penis. That’s sort of… that’s an urban myth. Once in a while it slips out here and there, or my pants fall down a lot.”

Iggy And The Stooges released their fifth studio album ‘Ready To Die’ in April of this year. The LP was the follow-up to the their 2007 effort ‘The Weirdness’, which was released in 2007.