Iggy Pop films new Swiftcover TV advert – video

Punk icon reveals 'Little Iggy' in new ad campaign

Iggy Pop is set to feature in a new TV advert for Swiftcover insurance.

In the advert, which you can watch by scrolling down and clicking below, Pop is seen teaming up with a puppet called ‘Little Iggy’, who has been designed by the team behind satire puppet programme Spitting Image.

Pop, who voiced the puppet and is seen playing golf with it in the advert, previously starred in Swiftcover‘s 2009 campaign, which drew criticism after it became apparent that the company didn’t allow jobbing musicians to take out motor policies (though it has since changed its stance on the issue, now offering insurance to musicians).

Despite Pop previously calling his appearance in the 2009 advert “embarrassing”, Swiftcover.com‘s marketing director Tina Shortle said he was still keen to work with the company on their 2010 campaign.

Iggy loved the fact that last year’s campaign stirred up a lot of emotion, so this year we’ve played on the controversy with even more irreverent humour,” she said. “The introduction of ‘Little Iggy’ allowed Iggy to play against type and become the chilled-out, golf-playing rock star whilst ‘Little Iggy’ causes havoc.”

Watch the new advert below.