Iggy Pop hails Mitski as ‘most advanced American songwriter’

The rock legend praised the indie rocker on his BBC 6 radio show.

Iggy Pop told his BBC Radio 6 listeners this week that Mitski is the “most advanced singer songwriter I know”.

The ‘Lust For Life’ singer lauded Mitski on Wednesday (13.06.18), saying she is “going places” and that “she can do whatever she wants”.

Pop added: “She writes and sings and she plays too; her name’s Mitski.” He then cued up ‘My Body’s Made of Crushed Little Stars’ from 2016’s ‘Puberty 2’. It was NME’s 16th favourite album of the year.


Mitski responded with delight in a Facebook post: “I wish sound were tangible so I could put a chain through this and wear it around.”


Mitski, whose full name is Mitski Miyawaki, is currently on tour. Click the link above for tickets.