Iggy Pop is really into Sleaford Mods

Pop worked with the Queens Of The Stone Age frontman for last year's album 'Post Pop Depression'

Iggy Pop has praised working with Josh Homme in a new interview, while also saying that he “loves” Sleaford Mods.

Pop worked with the Queens Of The Stone Age frontman for last year’s album ‘Post Pop Depression’. Speaking to Rolling Stone, he explained what inspired him to work with Homme. “I wanted to do something fresh for me, but I wanted it to be something that could and would communicate to the applicable, current music audience. Josh is a valid, current musician that people listen to. So that was important to me.”

He added: “Then, basically, the taste and articulation that I heard from his ‘Desert Sessions’ [recordings] – he’s kinda open for anything. If you’ve ever heard ‘Shepherd’s Pie’ by him, it’s basically a ragtime comedy track. In advance, I just thought, ‘Well, this guy’s intelligent.’ I knew he’d listened to what I’d done with some degree of interest, so I thought we’d just give it a whirl. That was it.”


“We had a kind of a thing between us,” Pop went on. “I think it came from something he heard in a couple of my vocals. There was a certain way I was singing that he took to be like opera. He would put his hand aloft like a Siegfried in the ring, and he would say, ‘We’ve gotta keep it up there. It’s opera.'”


Homme has also spoken highly of Pop, recently telling Rolling Stone: “Iggy is the single greatest example of a frontman that you could have for rock & roll. Working with him just recharged my faith in rock & roll and in trying to blaze your own path at whatever cost that is.”

Elsewhere in his Rolling Stone interview, Pop speaks of current artists he admires, saying: “I love Sleaford Mods. I think they’re just about the most credible new group going that don’t rely on the old conventions to make the music feel good.”

Iggy Pop has a new documentary out today (July 11) called American Valhalla, which follows the making of his recent album.


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