Iggy Pop lays waste to 2020 on new song ‘Dirty Little Virus’

"If there was still a man of the year, it'd be the virus"

Iggy Pop has shared a new coronavirus-themed song to end the year – listen to ‘Dirty Little Virus’ below.

“I was moved to write a direct lyric, not something too emotional or deep,” Iggy said in a video explaining the intent behind the song. Instead, he wanted the track’s themes to be “more like journalism: ‘who, what, when where?’

“I left out the ‘why’ because that gets too complex, but I put in how I felt about it.”


He added: “It’s been the big thing happening in my life – and everybody else’s, I reckon – for almost a year now. If there was still a man of the year, it’d be the virus.”

Listen to ‘Dirty Little Virus’ via Bandcamp and watch the explainer video below.

Last month, Iggy Pop inducted Nine Inch Nails into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame during a virtual ceremony.

“Listening to Nine Inch Nails’ music — which is so often called “industrial” — I actually hear a lot of funk,” he said in his induction speech. “Just listen to ‘Closer,’ and the foundation could be Stevie Wonder or George Clinton, but on top of that is a focused and relentless process of emotional destruction which paints a portrait of pain, pressure, and dissatisfaction.”


Elsewhere, the icon’s ‘Raw Power’ trousers have gone up for sale. The metallic, studded trousers were worn by the frontman on the sleeve of the 1973 album of the same name, as well as at several performances at the time.

The singer’s last full-length album was 2019’s ‘Free’. A four-star NME review of the album called it “a contemplative and liberating collection that unshackles him from his past”.

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