Listen as Iggy Pop appears on new song by Manchester band PINS

Pop provides a spoken word performance for 'Aggrophobe'

Iggy Pop has appeared on a new single from Manchester band PINS, giving a narrated spoken word performance on their track ‘Aggrophobe’.

Iggy Pop last released the Josh Homme collaborative album ‘Post Pop Depression‘ in 2016 and hinted in June of that year that the album may be his last. “I will step back at some point,” he said on an episode of The Graham Norton Show. “Another album would be a big undertaking from an old git like me!”

Speaking of the PINS track, Pop told i-D; “I’ve got a session with a bunch of girls from Manchester called PINS. They sent me a good song and they’re looking for a narration in it, and I liked their music and their picture, so I’m doing that.” You can hear the track below.


In October, Pop hinted at the recent collaboration stating that he’d “made five recordings” since ‘Post Pop Depression’.

“But they were all recordings not where I’m about, ‘Hey, I’ve got something to say!’ No, it was just, people called me up and said, ‘Do you want to do a vocal with me, about this, under this circumstance?’ More like guesting.”

He added: “I would prefer to do that for a while. You know, there are people I like. I like the people I’ve recorded with — I can’t tell you who they are! — very much.”

Iggy Pop recently appeared in a short film alongside Thurston Moore for Rough Trade. The pair discussed their careers, their mutual admiration for each other’s music, and performed Chuck Berry’s ‘Johnny B. Goode’ in the clip – watch it here.