Iggy Pop’s surreal film ‘In Praise of Nothing’ will be available to stream soon

The satirical documentary features Iggy Pop as the narrator

A surreal film that Iggy Pop narrates will be available to stream later this month.

In Praise of Nothing is an Avant Garde, satirical documentary in which Iggy plays ‘The Voice of Nothing’. The film explores what the concept of ‘Nothing’ would say to humans if it could speak. As the voice of ‘Nothing’, Iggy narrates throughout.

Now, streaming platform Mubi has announced that the film will be available to exclusively stream from June 21. You can find out more about the release here. 


Back in March, Iggy shared a series of clips from the documentary and also revealed that the film had been translated into 35 languages. You can watch the clips and the original trailer for the film here:

Described as “a whistleblowing documentary parody,” the 78-minute film – which took almost ten years to make – is entirely composed of fixed shots filmed by 68 film-makers in over 70 countries.

Iggy Pop can be heard throughout narrating over the shots as ‘Nothing’, commenting on what the concept observes – speaking in rhyme throughout.


Last week, it was revealed that Iggy was releasing a new collection of lyrics this autumn.

The book, called ‘Til Wrong Feels Right, will feature lyrics from over 100 of Iggy Pop’s songs together with photos, memorabilia, never-before-seen notes and essays penned by Iggy himself.

Released on October 1, the collection also includes commentary from artists including Blondie’s Debbie Harry and T.Rex’s Marc Bolan from moments across Iggy’s career.

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