Iglu And Hartly strip down at V Festival

Band get hot and sweaty for Staffordshire 'party' set

Iglu And Hartly stripped down for a party set at the Staffordshire leg of V Festival this afternoon (August 17).

Though conditions were less than warm outside the Session Stage tent, the Hollywood quintet got hot and sweaty with their mix of glam rock struts and frantic MCing.

Playing the likes ”In This City’, ‘Violent And Young’ and ‘Dayglo’, the modest crowd got into the band’s set, with a hardcore of fans clad in mohicans, dancing and popping around down at the front.


“Thanks for coming to fucking party out with us,” declared the band as they stripped down to their wastes midway through the set.

The band then attempted their own – albeit lo-fi – theatrics to rival headliners Muse, who space-age stage set was assembled on the V Stage overnight.

Throwing a series of white Frisbees into the crowd, the white discs fizzed around like budget UFOs as the band wrapped up their set.

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