Phil Spector criticises Tina Turner at Ike Turner’s funeral

Producer has a swipe at singer in eulogy

Phil Spector criticised Tina Turner during his eulogy at Ike Turner’s funeral.

Ike Turner passed away last week (December 12) in San Diego.

According to Fox News, Spector laid into the singer during the funeral of the guitarist on Friday (December 21) at the Greater Bethany Community Church in Gardena California.


He said: “Ike made Tina the jewel she was. When I went to see Ike play at the Cinegrill in the 90s…there were at least five Tina Turners on the stage performing that night, any one of them could have been Tina Turner.”

Spector then criticised Turner’s autobiography ’I, Tina’, he said : “I have an ambivalence towards Oprah Winfrey. She made Tina Turner’s book into a bestseller which demonized and vilified Ike. The book wouldn’t have sold 10 books. It was badly written. It was a piece of trash and because Oprah idolized Tina she didn’t feel it wrong to vilify a brother.”

Spector who produced the Ike and Tina track ’River Deep, Mountain High’ then slammed the film version of the book ’What’s Love Got To Do With It’, he called it a “piece of trash movie.”

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