IKEA are launching a new record player

It's part of a new line of products which will aim to help customers "throw a really good music party wherever you are"

IKEA have announced that they will be launching their own record player next year.

Set to feature as part of their FREKVENS (“frequency”) line, the record player has been developed – along with a number of other electrical products – with Teenage Engineering, who are “a collective of creatives known for making music”.

IKEA have now revealed that the FREKVENS collection will go on sale in stores worldwide in February 2019. The record player will feature alongside such products as an ‘electronic choir’, ‘party lighting’ and, as the press release states, “everything else you need in order to throw a really good music party wherever you are”.

Speaking about the thinking behind the new line, IKEA Range & Supply’s Creative Leader Michael Nikolic said: “We know that for younger people spontaneity is key. The idea of gathering some friends could become a reality in minutes. What is then needed at home? Or maybe you want to bring along the party somewhere else?

“Together with Teenage Engineering we want to explore the possibilities of bringing the party with you and what else you need for a great party.”

Last year, IKEA revealed how fans of Game of Thrones could fashion their own GoT-inspired capes from their line of rugs.