Imagine Dragons reveal release date for their new album ‘Origins’

The follow up to 2017's 'Evolve' is on its way...

Imagine Dragons have released details of their new album, ‘Origins’.

The follow up to 2017’s platinum selling ‘Evolve’, ‘Origins’, the band’s fourth studio album, will be released on November 9 via KIDinaKORNER and Polydor Records.

Previous single releases ‘Natural’ and ‘Zero’ will also appear on the album.


Speaking about the new album, vocalist Dan Reynolds said the album was conceived as a sister album to ‘Evolve’ from the onset.

He said: “It’s about seeking new ground but also appreciating your roots. When we create, we create with no boundaries, no rules. We find it thrilling to make music that feels different and new to us.”

Producers on the album include Joel Little who has worked with Lorde, Mattman & Robin, who produced Carly Rae Jespen and John Hill, who has previously worked alongside Florence + the Machine.

Recently, Reynolds joined the chorus of artists taking a stand against Eminem for his use of homophobic language on his new album ‘Kamikaze’.


Reynolds, a vocal gay rights activist, said: “It’s never ok to say a word that is filled with hate.

“I don’t care what year you were born in or what meaning it has to you. if it contributes to hate and bigotry then it is hateful. period. there is never an ok time to say the word fa**ot I don’t care who you are.

“I’ve lived enough of my life remaining silent on these issues because of fear or lack of education. I don’t live in fear anymore. I still have lots to learn. but no. I will not be a silent voice with this platform I have been given.”

Reviewing Imagine Dragons last album, ‘Evolve’, NME said: “‘Evolve’, the band’s third full-length record in five years, is an ’80s-flecked, power-rock pumping station fit to burst with huge choruses.”

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