Incubus reveal more details of new album ‘If Not Now, When?’

Brandon Boyd speaks about band's 'Romantic love letter to the world'

Incubus have revealed more details of their forthcoming new album ‘If Not Now, When?’.

As previously reported, the upcoming new release will be the follow-up to the band’s 2006 studio album ‘Light Grenades’.

Vocalist Brandon Boyd recently posted a lengthly update to fans about the new release, speaking about individual tracks and ideas in great detail.


“[This is] Our unabashed, romantic, lush, sonic love letter to the world,” says Boyd. “It’s darker, slower, more rich, more refined, and more involved than anything Incubus has birthed to date.”

“This entire time, Incubus has essentially been searching for a sense of balance between all of the possibilities inherent in crafting a song.” states Boyd. “I do believe that for many years now we have been searching for something different. Something unique, both to the world and to us as a band. We decided that ‘If Not Now, When?’ our sixth full length studio album would be just that.”

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The tracklisting for ‘If Not Now, When?’ is:

‘If Not Now, When?’
‘Promises, Promises’
‘Friends And Lovers’
‘The Original’
‘In The Company Of Wolves’
‘Tomorrow’s Food’

‘If Not Now, When?’ is expected to be released this summer.