Incubus: ‘Our new album is different to anything we’ve done before’

California band's new record will be out in August or September

Incubus have confirmed that they have finished work on their new album – claiming it marks something of a stylistic about-turn for them.

The California rock troupe have not released a studio record since 2006’s ‘Light Grenades’, and say the new effort is “nothing like” that album.

In a post on their official wesbite they stated: “The album is completed! True to the Incubus legacy, this record is nothing like its predecessor, but still maintains the quintessential Incubus vibe.”

In an interview with singer Brandon Boyd shed some more light on the record.

“This new record is different from anything that we’ve done,” he said. “It’s like that next phase. We’re gonna kind of challenge our fans with this one, but I’m excited about that. I think that’s what needs to happen.”

Boyd said that the album should come out in August or September. It will signal the end of the Incubus hiatus that saw singer Brandon Boyd release his solo album ‘The Wild Trapeze’ last year.