Incubus frontman to release book

Brandon Boyd releases second art book

Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd is set to release a new book.

’From The Murks Of The Sultry Abyss’ will be the follow up to his first work ‘White Fluffy Clouds’.

According to a statement the book will consist of “artist photographs, paintings, drawings and over 40 pages of life’s observations”.

The volume will consist of 118 pages and 225 colour images. A limited number will contain a page featuring six stickers.

The singer said: “(I) spent the majority of 2005 working diligently in my studio on numerous paintings, and that condensed time period left me with more finished work that I had ever produced.”

Speaking about the title of the book, he said it was “a small piece of a quote from Carl Jung. The bulk of the statement is referring to the ‘archetype’ and man’s quest to understand the images he sees in his mind’s eye.”

A UK release date has yet to be announced, but the book is available to order from the star’s website