nme.com was there to see America's hottest new band rock the British capital...

Rising American rock band INCUBUS played their biggest ever UK show last night (April 27) – the first of two sold-out nights at the London Astoria venue.

Their teenage fanbase were seen queuing outside the Charing Cross Road venue from early afternoon, and by the time the show opened its doors there were huge queues stretching around the block.

nme.com spotted a group of American tourists walking past the pierced and dreadlocked masses and overheard one declare “Hey! Incubus are playing – why would anyone want to go and see ‘Blood Brothers‘?” in reference to big billboard ads for the long-running play showing down the road at the Phoenix Theatre.

While still comparatively unknown in the UK, their latest album ‘Make Yourself‘ has just shifted one million copies in America, and they’re already being billed as the rock/nu-metal answer to the likes of ‘N Sync and Backstreet Boys – due mostly to their handsome frontman Brandon Boyd.

Previously, they’ve only supported Korn in the UK and played a one-off gig at the London Underworld two years ago to support their debut album ‘S.C.I.E.N.C.E’.

Last night’s crowd was more well-behaved than any metal show nme.com‘s ever seen, but the adulation bestowed upon Incubus was almost religious – even when Boyd and his band led us on extended white funk jams, coupled with a didgeridoo solo.

Following the two Astoria shows, Incubus plan to return to the UK later this year for a more comprehensive tour.