Incubus and Skrillex pictured in the studio together

The California band returned with their comeback single 'Nimble Bastard' last week

Incubus and Skrillex have been pictured working on new music together in the studio.

The California band announced their return last week with the new single ‘Nimble Bastard’, which is taken from their forthcoming eighth album ‘8’.

While the tracklist of ‘8’ has yet to be officially confirmed, Skrillex is believed to feature on one of the album’s songs – and it appears that his collaborative work with the Brandon Boyd-led band is still ongoing.


Guitarist Mike Einziger took to his Instagram yesterday (February 21) to post an in-the-studio picture which showed members of the band sitting around a mixing desk with Skrillex.

“Nothing cool is happening right now…nothing at all,” Einziger posted as a caption. See the photo below.

Speaking about ‘Nimble Bastard’ last week, Einziger elaborated on the creative process behind the new track

“This song actually came very late in the process of writing new music for our new album that we have coming out very soon,” he said. “We’re just about done actually and it just kind of happened in the studio and we were messing around with this musical idea and the next thing we know we had a song.

“Brandon wrote the lyrics and it’s kind of a narrative about someone who overcomes the harshest of circumstances and always ends up landing on their feet. It’s a really fun and energetic song.”