ICP's road manager is arrested and charged with assaulting an Eminem fan...

The ongoing feud between EMINEM and INSANE CLOWN POSSE appears to have taken a further twist, after ICP‘s road manager was arrested and charged with assaulting an EMINEM fan at a show on Tuesday night (May 8).

William Dail is alleged to to have choked 23-year-Thomas P Goonan until he passed out at the gig in Omaha, Nebraska. He admits holding Goonan by the neck and throwing him against a wall, but denies he lost consciousness. According to mtv.com, Dail said that Doonan was disrespecting ICP by holding aloft a T-shirt and throwing M&M sweets at the stage during the Ranch Bowl performance.

“You don’t come into our home and disrespect us like that,” Dail said yesterday (May 10).


Explaining how the alleged assault developed after Doonan’s antics saw him thrown out of the show, Dail said: “My intentions were to get him out of the room… When he tried to fight me, it was my intention to hurt him. I grabbed him by the neck… and threw him against the wall.”

Dail said he did not regret his actions.

Sgt Dan Cisar, an Omaha police spokesperson, said Dail was charged with misdemeanour, assault and battery and released on $1,000 bail. He is due in court later this month. Dail is the brother of Douglas Dail, the ICP employee who Eminem allegedly pulled a gun on last June.

The charges do not affect Dail’s job with ICP. “We encourage this type of activity,” their manager, Alex Abbiss, said.

While Goonan has admitted that he did see that his actions may upset ICP, he said yesterday that the reaction was over-the-top.

“I assumed that they wouldn’t be happy, but I didn’t think it would get that out of hand,” he said. “I can see them throwing me out, but choking?”


The incident is the latest in a long feud between Eminem and ICP, who are both from the Detroit area.

They have traded countless insults on their records and in the press, and last year, during the ‘Up In Smoke’ tour of the US, Eminem brought two blow-up dolls with painted faces onstage and simulated them performing a series of sex acts on each other.

Eminem pleaded no contest a fortnight ago in the case involving Douglas Dail. He will be sentenced in Oakland County Court on June 5.