Eminem's enemy Violent J will have to be on his best behaviour...

One of Eminem‘s avowed enemies, VIOLENT J of face painting comedy rap outfit Eminem, has received a suspended jail sentence for assault.

Violent J, real name Joseph Bruce, pleaded guilty to two counts of assault in St. Louis, Missouri yesterday and was sentenced to 12 months probation.

The charges stem from an incident in February 2001 when a scuffle broke out in a car park between members of Eminemand employees of local radio station KPNT 105.7 – The Point. The group claimed KPNT DJ Cooksie had made disparaging remarks about them on air. Police arrived and arrested Eminem member Douglas Dail while Violent J fled. A warrant was later issued for his arrest.


Despite the judicial slap of the wrists, Violent J could still face more time in court over the fight. DJ Cooksie, real name Michael Cook, and others involved in the spat are involved in a civil lawsuit against the [/a]members, MTV reports.

[a]Eminem and [/a], who are both from the Detroit area, have been involved in an ongoing feud for a number of years.

They have traded countless insults on their records and in the press and during dates on the ‘Up In Smoke’ tour of the US over a year ago, Eminem brought two blow-up dolls with painted faces onstage and simulated them performing a series of sex acts on each other.

Douglas Dail, also arrested following the St Louis brawl, is the man [a] was alleged to have pulled a gun on in June 2000.