Bomb scare cue for fighting between police and fans...

INSANE CLOWN POSSE fans rioted at a gig in KENTUCKY last week, after a bomb scare at the venue while support act MARS were onstage.

Riot police were called to force fans to leave the venue when the plug was pulled during the gig at Paroquet Springs Conference Center in Shepherdsville, a suburb of Louisville. ICP had not yet taken the stage.

In a statement on their website, [url=], ICP described it as “a day of brutality”. The site’s report says that the band’s crew have video evidence of fans allegedly being beaten by police and claims that one 14-year-old had to be treated by paramedics after falling unconscious.


They claim that the city council, fire marshal and police department of Louisville had attempted to prevent the show earlier in the day and have accused the police department of staging the bomb threat. It has been reported that they may now be considering taking legal action against the police authorities.

The show began as scheduled, but after the bomb threat was received by a neighbouring police department at 8pm, an announcement was made that the venue had to be cleared because of “technical difficulties,” according to reports on [url=]

Bottles, coins and other items were thrown at the stage and fans chanted: “ICP”, refusing to leave.

The report then alleges that police in riot gear arrived and when fans refused to leave, used teargas on the crowd.

The band’s statement accuses police officers of beating fans without provocation, and claims that they have video evidence of the events at the gig, adding “we at Psychopathic Records vow to bring the redneck bigot cops to justice”.

Shepherdsville police chief Ronald Morris told Sonicnet that pepper spray and physical force were used by over 50 officers against the unruly crowd, and no one was seriously injured. Reports on [url=] claim that five or six people were treated at hospital, but Morris said no one had been taken to hospital by emergency services. Between four and seven people, including one juvenile, were arrested on charges of disorderly conduct, criminal littering and second-degree rioting.


Backup officers had been drafted in from neighbouring police departments. Morris insisted that his officers handled themselves with impeccable decorum in the face of a potentially volatile situation.

According to Sonicnet, the band plan to return to Shepherdsville, where there had reportedly been disquiet among the local community prior to their arrival, in May to perform the abandoned show.