Instagram influencer claims she was doxxed over resemblance to BLACKPINK’s Rosé

"Please think about what you're doing and seek help," wrote said influencer and model Allissa Shin

Korean-American influencer and model Allissa Shin has spoken out about alleged threats made against her over her resemblance to BLACKPINK member Rosé.

On March 18, the influencer took to Instagram to share a series of screenshots as alleged evidence that she was being targeted by online users. The images featured a conversation between two Instagram users, with one allegedly demanding the other to harm themselves in order to gain access to information about Shin and her whereabouts.

In addition, a user in a second screenshot had claimed to have followed and attacked Shin at the airport and later sent graphic, gory images of the alleged “proof” to one of her followers. Shin later clarified in a later story that she had not been attacked, and that the user had been “playing mind games” with one of her followers.

Credits: Allkpop

Shin followed it up by claiming that this was not the first time she had been targeted over her resemblance to the K-pop idol. “I can’t just ‘ignore the haters.’ I said this many times before, but calling me names and ‘Rosé copycat’ is not what upsets me anymore,” she wrote. “It’s people physically forcing me into being unsafe at home or where I am, harming me, and putting those I love in danger.”

“It’s calling the police every time, being scared to even go for a walk, and not even being able to trust my friends anymore,” Shin added. “It isn’t okay and it will never be okay. Please think about what you’re doing and seek help.”

Credits: Allkpop

In a later story, as archived by Koreaboo, Shin also spoke about how users have also been targeting her followers with “mind games”, in reference to one of the screenshots she had posted. “My heart aches for her, because she was very scared and I did not know that she was going through this for a while.”

“I did call the cops on the person who was doxxing me and threatening to harm my loved ones. It’s not the first time it has happened and it will happen again to me or others,” she added, urging her followers to stay alert and not to fall for such messages.

Shin first began to attract attention online in 2020, after some started noting her resemblance to BLACKPINK vocalist Rosé. While Shin has been praised for her appearance, others have accused her of intentionally trying to look like the K-pop idol.

In a highlight titled “Read More” on Shin’s Instagram page, she is seen to have responded to hate comments and accusations of “copying” Rosé on several occasions since 2020. She wrote that while she personally did not see the resemblance between herself and the singer, she was “genuinely glad” if people thought otherwise, and were excited about it.

“What I do mind is when people are being toxic and making false accusations,” added Shin. “I am not going to change my hair, make-up, or fashion because you are speculating that I am trying to look like Rosé.”

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