Instagram and Spotify team up for new song sharing feature

Instagram and Spotify have announced a new function that allows for an ‘easier way to share your song of the moment’.

This joint feature allows Spotify users to share the song they’re currently listening to directly to their Instagram followers through the ‘share’ dropdown menu, where there’s a brand new ‘Share to Instagram Story’ option – removing the fuss of connecting accounts and screengrabbing.

“The music world lives on Instagram – three out of the top five most-followed accounts belong to music artists,” said Instagram in a statement. “Music fans come to Instagram to express themselves and discover new content from their favourite artists, and we’re making that easier with the ability to share directly from Spotify.”


Once the track has been shared over to Instagram, custom art stickers are unlocked for every song, album, artist and playlist to  customise the picture. After the picture has been tweaked to the user’s liking, they can simply add to to the story as normal.

“It adds a whole new level to music discovery” Spotify continued, “since friends will be able to get a glimpse of what you’ve been listening to—and you can do the same with them.”

What’s more, when your friends view your story they have the option to open up and listen to the song in Spotify (or sign up for an account) through the ‘Play on Spotify’ button in the top left corner.

There are also plans to roll the feature on to Facebook Stories in the near future too.

Words by Lucy Fletcher