The band pen a new song for the US show…

Interpol have recorded a new song for the soundtrack to ’SIX FEET UNDER’.

The band were approached by the American television series to contribute an original song and they found the idea for it in the archives of their practice sessions.

Guitarist Daniel Kessler told NME.COM: “We basically recorded a rehearsal a long time ago where something interesting was happening and we kept it on a tape”.

Titled ‘Direction’, the track features very little vocals and has been described by Kessler as “atmospheric.” The New York band broke their usual recording methods by writing the four minute cut during sound checks on their April European tour.

He explained: “We brought out the idea and wrote painfully throughout soundchecks. It’s really contrary to how we normally write songs. We recorded it two days after we got back. We’ve never done it all in one day before and it came out well. It’s good.”