They can’t even be bothered to make one for their new single…

Interpol have sensationally snubbed the video art-form – because they find the process tiring.

For ‘Narc’, the next US single to be taken from their second album ‘Antics’, they’ve not even made one at all.

Talking to MTV News, guitarist Daniel Kessler explained the snub: “We’ve made some videos that we all stand by, and they are good videos,” he said, “but it takes a lot out of you. It’s a lot of repetitive things, doing it over and over again.”

On choosing ‘Narc’ for their new single, which will be out later this summer, Kessler continued: “It’s probably one of the more collaborative tracks we’ve ever done. I had a main riff, and everyone started adding their own little piece that made the song really develop and become its own entity.

“Then when we went back to the chorus, Paul (Banks, singer) and I spontaneously went to the same chords. It’s one of those songs that’s really difficult stylistically from the album, but everything that happened happened without (discussion). It was all on instinct.”

The band’s next UK single will be a a re-release of ‘Slow Hands’ on June 27.