Impromptu vomiting, solo games of pool - it's a sorry tale, but it was worth it...

Interpol have told NME.COM about the torturous process of recording their second album ‘ANTICS’, with singer PAUL BANKS admitting that it nearly drove him to a breakdown.

The band spent the early part of this year recording the follow-up to ‘Turn On The Bright Lights’ at Tarkan Studios in Bridgeport Connecticut, the same place they made their debut.

But for Banks, the pressure of following up the runaway success of their first album made him physically sick. “It drove me to the edge,” he said. “I got physically ill, I was vomiting from staying so focused for so long. The last couple of weeks I was really nauseous. Everything was going great, but it was the hardest thing I’d ever done by a long way, so part of me felt it was good because now I’m so proud I don’t give a fuck what comes of it. What I earned from that is the privilege of feeling comfortable with this record. But I paid the price of going through that.

“There was this bar I used to escape to. A real shithole dive bar. I made some local friends. Sometimes I’d go and play pool by myself to get a fresh perspective. But it consumed all things, it wasn’t like I thought ‘Oh fuck, I wish I could go bowling with my friends back home.’ It was more like the record, the record, the record. It was all I was capable of thinking of. Which is why I let myself get a little too consumed with it. Luckily, the art didn’t suffer for it. I suffered.”

‘Antics’ is due for release on September 27, although it has become the latest victim to a security breach, with tracks appearing online in the last month.

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