That's what happens when you go for a night out with The Libertines...

NEW YORK gloom-rock band INTERPOL were threatened by an axe-wielding granny after a debauched night out with Libertines descended into chaos.

Bassist Carlos D and singer Paul Banks were in London, and met up with The Libertines’ at their home in east London for some late night drinking.

The session continued until six in the morning, when the Interpol pair planned on stumbling back to their hotel room for some sleep. However, on leaving the flat they were greeted by a toothless old lady, enraged at the noise that had kept her awake.


A spokesperson for the band explained: “She started shouting something along the lines of, ‘How can anyone get any sleep around here with all that noise? You fucking arseholes! I’ll call the police’. Paul and Carlos tried to persuade her that the noise really wasn’t their fault and that they were merely visiting friends, but this didn’t subdue the woman.

“She picked up an axe and started threatening them. The encounter didn’t, fortunately, end in violence… Paul and Carlos hurried away unharmed to

a stream of abuse from the woman.”

Interpol are braving another visit to the UK, where they begin a tour in Cardiff on October 9. They release a new single ‘For Obstacle 1’ on November 14.