Carlos D aims for movie career

The Interpol bassist want to be a film composer

Not content with a side-career as an actor, landing a role in forthcoming film ‘My Friends Told Me About You’ (see our previous [url=]news article), Interpol bassist Carlos Dengler has revealed an alternative career as a film composer.

Writing on his official website, Dengler describes himself as an “aspiring film and TV composer”.

He has posted up examples of alternative soundtracks he has made for existing films, such as computer animated movie Ice Age 2, American TV show The West Wing and Meryl Streep film The Devil Wear Prada.

Dengler has posted up the short non-dialogue film Golgotha, which he wrote, produced and composed the soundrack for.

Dengler has written about his movie aspirations on the site, explaining how he currently records in his home studio in New York, using equipment to “simulate the sound of a symphony orchestra”. He adds that one day he “hopes to work with the real thing.”

[url=] to see Dengler’s website and view the film clips he has soundtracked.