Paul Banks: ”Interpol’ is a fitting tribute to Carlos D’s time in the band’

Plus frontman says his solo Julian Plenti persona will return

Interpol frontman Paul Banks believes the band’s self-titled fourth album is a fitting tribute to departed bandmate Carlos Dengler.

The bassist parted company with the band after completing sessions for [Interpol’, and the band have since recruited Dave Pajo, who made his UK debut with the group on Wednesday (September 15).

However Banks believes Dengler‘s contribution to the album which was released this week (13) was the perfect way to round off his time with the group.

“He wanted his last contribution to be a great one,” Banks told”Everything you hear in terms of orchestration, which is a lot, plus the bass lines, was him.”

Meanwhile Banks indicated that at some point in the future he would revive his solo persona, Julian Plenti for a second album.

“So much of that was personal ambition,” he explained of the project’s genesis. “I wasn’t looking for too much in terms of exposure or notoriety. I really want to do it to get the songs out and it was a long time coming for me, something I had as a real goal for many years. Regardless of what the response was, I was already pleased by the reaction.”