Ex-Interpol bassist Carlos D graduates from acting school and is ‘looking for an agent’

Bass player switches careers after leaving the group in 2010

Former Interpol member Carlos D has revealed that he trained as an actor following his departure from the group in 2010 and that he is now looking for work.

The bassist (real name Carlos Dengler) left Interpol after completing work on their self-titled fourth album. A statement at the time claimed that Dengler “decided to follow another path and to pursue new goals”.

Now, speaking to Bedford + Bowery in a new interview, Dengler revealed that he has recently graduated from New York University’s graduate acting school and is currently looking for roles.

“I’m auditioning and looking for an agent. Really, I just graduated. Also, it’s not fair for me to even say, ‘This is what I’m doing.’ I spent three years in acting boot camp [at NYU] and I’m a 41-year-old man. I’m no spring chicken. So I’m looking at some of my younger classmates and how they’re coming out of the gate with fire under their asses and they’re doing a lot of stuff. I’m like, ‘Wow, that’s pretty fucking impressive.’ I just don’t have that ability right now. I’m still putting all of the pieces together.”


Dengler recently starred in Sherlock Holmes And The Case Of The Jersey Lily, a play running at the Dorset Theatre Festival in Vermont.

Explaining how the role came about, Dengler said: “I auditioned for it while I was in school. It was a good play to do, to not have to worry about digging too deep. It was more of a satire Sherlock Holmes than a straight-up Sherlock Holmes story. It had elements of both. Sherlock Holmes fans were very pleased, but there was also a lot of comedy.”

Interpol released their fifth album ‘El Pintor’ in September 2014, their first album without Dengler. Read the NME review.