Interpol unveil new song ‘What Is What’

Track released as a free download with latest single 'Everything Is Wrong'

Interpol have released their new single ‘Everything Is Wrong’ plus the previously unheard ‘What Is What’ online as a free download.

Both tracks can be accessed via the band’s new website by typing in the words “Everything Is Wrong” into the command box.

As reported by Pitchfork, the site’s current backdrop is the image of a Brooklyn mural created by artist Shepard Fairey, who previously worked on the cover of the band’s second album ‘Antics’. The new artwork has been created to mark the release of ‘Everything Is Wrong’ and features the anagrams “The Very Growing Sin” and “Every Wrong Insight”.

“When approaching our new collaboration, I liked the challenge of creating an anagram from a song title,” wrote Fairey via his website. “[Interpol’s guitarist] Daniel Kessler suggested ‘Everything Is Wrong’ as the song for me to interpret. I love that song, so my thinking was to find a middle ground between Interpol’s aesthetics, lyrics for the song, and my art style and concepts.”

“The lyrics to ‘Everything Is Wrong’ are open to interpretation, but whether the song is about hard living, relationship failures, wear and tear on the environment, or an empire mentality, regret for poor decisions seems to be the theme. I decided to explore the idea of being complicit in a personal relationship or a relationship with a system that one realises is unhealthy.”

Interpol were last week freed from their tour bus after a snowstorm just outside of Buffalo, New York trapped the band for 60 hours, forcing the cancelation of a number of shows.

The group members departed Columbus, Ohio, on Monday, November 17 to make their way to a scheduled concert in Toronto on Tuesday. They became trapped in the extreme storm however and when the situation didn’t alleviate, the band began tweeting images of their predicament for their followers, who started the hashtag #winterpol for encouragement.

Latest single ‘Everything Is Wrong’ is taken from the band’s most recent album ‘El Pintor’.