Interpol preview songs for hometown crowd

Band play intimate show at Bowery Ballroom

Interpol previewed several tracks from their forthcoming third album last night in New York.

The band performed three songs from ‘Our Love to Admire’ at Bowery Ballroom in front of a stuffed crowd.

The show was announced just last week with very limited tickets available and sold out within minutes.

Opening with brand new song ‘Pioneer to the Falls’ the band seamlessly and wordlessly continued their set with ‘Obstacle 1’ to the delight of the crowd.

Playing for little over an hour, they did not shy away from crowd pleasers such as ‘Slow Hands’, ‘Evil’ and ‘Narc’.

Aside from the occasional ‘thank you very much’, frontman Paul Banks maintained a relatively silent between-song demeanor throughout.

They played:

‘Pioneer To The Falls’

‘Obstacle 1’


‘Say Hello To The Angels’

‘Take You On A Cruise’


‘Slow Hands’

‘Leif Erikson’

‘Heinrich Maneuver’


‘Not Even Jail’

‘Length Of Love’

‘Stella Was A Diver And She Was Always Down’


–By our New York staff.

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