Interpol and David Lynch release 2011 collaboration as limited NFT series

Featuring "newly recorded versions of ‘Lights’" against Lynch's 'I Touch A Red Button Man' short film

Interpol have released their 2011 collaboration with David Lynch as an NFT.

The New York band joined forces with the renowned Twin Peaks director for their 2011 Coachella performance, during which they combined Lynch’s I Touch A Red Button Man short film with their 2010 single ‘Lights’.

Fans can now own the unique piece of work, with a limited series of eight NFTs up for grabs through the new Lynch x Interpol website. The non-fungible tokens include “newly recorded versions of ‘Lights’ joining Lynch’s engrossing animations”.


“The new performances are stripped-down renditions featuring [Interpol lead guitarist] Daniel Kessler on piano,” explained frontman Paul Banks. “In fact, these more acoustic takes may be Interpol at their most poignant, digging deep to take each clip to new artistic heights.”

He continued: “In the spirit of fandom, we are glad to reveal that one of the eight NFTs will go to fans – for free.”

Participants are able to add their “personal creative touch” to the free version of the NFT via the new site’s 3D gallery. One contributor will take home the collaborative piece.

The Lynch x Interpol auctions are open from today (October 26) until November 9.

“What makes us so excited about this release is it memorializes the collaboration between David Lynch and Interpol,” added Jack Spallone, Head of Crypto & Product at HIFI Labs.


“Using Ethereum, these NFTs can live in eternity as artefacts of cinematic and musical history. Just as David Lynch’s career helped push the boundaries of film and even fiction, it is now extending into the permanent universe of blockchain.”

An official description reads: “Skipping ahead to present day, Interpol has taken inspiration from Lynch to reimagine sections of ‘Lights’, their song inspired by [I Touch A Red Button Man].

“Together, Lynch and Interpol are now memorializing their collaboration through a series of seven pieces that will live in the infinite digital realm forever.”

Back in September, Interpol revealed that they were working on a new album with producers Flood & Moulder in London.