Interpol working on new album with Flood & Moulder in London

"We are longtime admirers of their work and delighted to be in the studio with them"

Interpol have revealed that they’re currently in the studio in London, working on a new album with producers Flood & Moulder.

The New York City indie trio’s last full-length album came in 2018 with ‘Marauder’, which was then followed up in 2019 by EP ‘A Fine Mess’.

“We are overjoyed to announce Flood & Moulder will be producing and mixing the next Interpol record,” the band’s guitarist Daniel Kessler said as Interpol shared a photo of them in the studio (which you can see at the top of the page).


“We are longtime admirers of their work and delighted to be in the studio with them,” Kessler added. “Starting this party right.”

The new Interpol album is expected to arrive next year via Matador Records.

Interpol’s Paul Banks CREDIT: Josh Brasted/WireImage

Earlier this summer Interpol revealed that they’ve been working on new music remotely for the last year and have recently started developing tracks in person.

In a message posted to Instagram in June, the band said that due to the coronavirus pandemic “we had to use the internet to circulate ideas and collaborate remotely. This was a new experience for us.”

They continued: “Fortunately, in recent months, we’ve had the opportunity to get together in person and continue to develop those ideas the old-fashion way: loud and in the flesh.


“We recently completed our second round of in-person writing, this time in a house in the Catskills.”

Last month, the band announced that they would play a headline show at the Roundhouse in London on June 14, 2022.