Investigation dropped against man involved in altercation with A$AP Rocky in Sweden

The rapper has been behind bars for almost three weeks now

The Swedish prosecution has dropped its investigation into a man involved with an altercation with rapper A$AP Rocky and his entourage.

The man’s lawyer Magnus Stromberg broke the news to CNN on Monday (22 July), saying that his client was relieved but not surprised. “He has been the subject of an assault, but he has not committed a crime,” Stromberg said.

Page Six had previously reported that the Swedish men involved in the altercation were under investigation for assault and molestation. The latter term, under Swedish law, refers not to inappropriate sexual touching but “physically attack[ing] someone or expos[ing] someone to disruptive contacts”.


Meanwhile, A$AP Rocky remains behind bars, where he has been since the start of July. The American rapper was accused of assault in an incident in Stockholm on June 30 and arrested on July 3.

Footage had emerged of A$AP Rocky and his entourage shoving a man to the ground on the street. After the videos circulated, the rapper posted two clips on his own Instagram account, claiming that the men in the altercation had “hit security in [the] face with headphones” then “followed us for four blocks”. The rapper’s defence lawyer Henrik Olsson Lilja has said that Rocky and his entourage “were attacked and he made use of self-defence”.

Swedish prosecutor Daniel Suneson has until Thursday (July 25) to complete his investigation and decide whether Rocky should be freed, charged or detained further. Suneson had previously ordered the rapper detained for an additional week on the grounds that he was a flight risk.

This past weekend, US President Donald Trump advocated for A$AP Rocky in a call to the Prime Minister of Sweden, assuring him that the rapper was not a flight risk and “offer[ing] to personally vouch for his bail, or an alternative”.

Though the call was cordial, Swedish PM Stefan Löfven underlined that “in Sweden everyone is equal before the law and that the government cannot and will not attempt to influence the legal proceedings”, said a statement from the Swedish government. The bail system also does not exist in Sweden, as a legal expert in the country told CNN.


The hip-hop community has rallied around Rocky: Tyga cancelled a show in Sweden to show solidarity, while Tyler, the Creator declared a personal boycott on the country. Other rappers like Quavo and Skepta have also chimed in on the arrest.

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