Patricia Glassop also voices her concerns that Bob Geldof is looking after her grand-daughter...

The mother of the late MICHAEL HUTCHENCE has claimed the former INXS singer’s will was forged.

During a recent interview with Australian radio Patricia Glassop alleged that a 1996 version of the will was fake because her own name, that of Hutchence’s sister Tina and Hutchence’s daughter Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily were all spelt incorrectly

Despite the will being already settled, Glassop said the simple errors present still aroused her suspicions. “I have Michael’s 1991 will at home,” she said, “and everybody’s name is correct on that.”


Speaking following a visit to London to visit her granddaughter and to promote a book about Hutchence, Glassop also voiced concerns about the welfare of her grand-daughter, now in the custody of Bob Geldof, the ex-husband of Hutchence’s lover Paula Yates. Yates was found dead following to a suspected drug overdose in her London home in September.

“Bob is not a blood relative,” she said, “he has three children of his own and I find it bizarre he even wants Michael’s child.”

Channel 4 television in the UK will tonight (November, 9.30pm GMT) screen a documentary ‘The Real Paula Yates’ alleging that Yates would not have died had Hutchence not introduced her to large-scale drink and drug abuse.

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