Michael Hutchene fax to Kylie Minogue sold

INXS singer's brother sells personal items

A fax sent from INXS frontman Michael Hutchence to then girlfriend Kylie Minogue has been sold by Hutchence’s brother Rhett.

The fax, dated from 1990, said: “good morning” and was signed with kisses and a heart.

The sale also included annotated lyrics, sketches and T-shirts. It has been criticised by their mother Patricia Glassop, who has reportedly disowned him over the eBay sales.


Hutchence was found hung in a Sydney hotel room in November 1997.

In an eBay post Rhett Hutchence said he felt “weird” wearing the band’s merchandise, adding: “They have to earn their keep somehow, as they have been in storage, like everything else, for the past 10-20 years.”

He also implied that he had a more salacious fax. He said: “I have a similar, yet raunchier fax that I will keep.”

Items ranging from trousers to a bank deposit cheque have gone for sums as high as £402 (Aus $1,000), reports BBC News.