INXS split up

Australian rockers are calling it a day after 35 years together

Update: INXS have now officially confirmed the split.

INXS are splitting up after 35 years together, according to reports.

The band are yet to put out an official statement, but according to Billboard, it was announced at their show in Perth Arena on Sunday that they would disband, with drummer Jon Farriss telling the audience: “I’m getting teary.”

INXS formed in 1977 in Perth, Australia. They have since sold more than 30 million albums worldwide, including six UK Top 10 albums. Their biggest success came with 1987’s ‘Kick’, which sold over 10 million albums worldwide. The LP included the tracks ‘Need You Tonight’, ‘Devil Inside’ and ‘Mystify’.

However, the death of the band’s singer Michael Hutchence in 1997 was a huge blow for the group. The remaining members of the band continued without him – reuniting in 2004 for a TV talent show Rock Star to find a new frontman, which was won by Canadian JD Fortune.

A host of others have also taken the frontman role since Hutchence’s death including Jon Stevens, Terence Trent D’Arby and the band’s current frontman, Irishman Ciaran Gribbin.