INXS unveil Snow Patrol collaborator Ciaran Gribbin as their new singer

Appointment comes after JD Fortune's second sacking

INXS have announced their new singer after the sacking of JD Fortune.

The band have unveiled Ciaran Gribbin, who previously penned Madonna‘s one-off single ‘Celebration’ and sang backing vocals on Snow Patrol‘s ‘Eyes Open’, as the man to front the Aussie outfit.

His appointment comes just days after Fortune was dumped from the band for a second time and new song, ‘Tiny Summer’, was posted on the band’s official website Fortune was previously fired in 2009.

Gribbin is set to hit the road with the group for a six-show run through South America, Europe and Australia in November.

“Without a doubt I was a fan of INXS,” he told “I remember ‘Kick’ like it was yesterday. I remember seeing the guys on MTV and then on Jools Holland‘s BBC show watching as a kid, just blown away by them. INXS definitely played a huge part in my musical education as a songwriter and something I aspired to, so to be in the band now is pretty amazing.”

Original INXS singer Michael Hutchence died in 1997.