New iPhone to launch today? (June 9)

Announcement expected from Apple on 'smart phone's future

A new version of Apple‘s iPhone is expected to be unveiled today (June 9) in San Francisco.

Details of iPhone 2 are expected to be announced at the Apple World Wide Developers’ Conference.

It is suggested that the new device will have faster 3G wireless connectivity, and it is also believed Apple will allow independent developers to programme software for the iPhone.

The biggest difference of all, however, is that analysts are expecting Apple to give its mobile phone partners permission to discount the phone to allow it compete against the likes of Nokia and Blackberry, who have also launched so-called “smart phones” that challenge many of the iPhone‘s functions.

Previously Apple‘s agreements with mobile phone networks had prevented them from discounting the handset, fearing it might impact on the MP3 player market.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs is expected to make the iPhone announcement later.