UK iTunes price to drop to European levels

Everyone in Europe will be paying same price for downloads

Apple have announced today (January 9) that they will drop the prices of song downloads on the UK iTunes store to bring it into line with European shops.

British fans have long complained at the 79 pence a track charge, while those in the Euro zone were paying 99 cents, which worked out at a cheaper price when converted in Sterling.

The company have now stated they will lower their prices over the next six months to match the European cost.

“This is an important step towards a pan-European marketplace for music,” explained Steve Jobs, Apple CEO. “We hope every major record label will take a pan-European view of pricing.”

Apple have warned that they currently pay some labels “more to distribute the same music elsewhere in Europe”, adding that “Apple will reconsider its continuing relationship in the UK with any record label that does not lower its wholesale prices in the UK to the pan-European level within six months.”

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