Apple face possible problems over iPhone name

New launch might need new name

There is confusion in the music and technology world today over whether Apple has the rights to the use of the name ‘iPhone’.

As previously reported, Apple launched their combined phone and MP3 player, the iPhone, yesterday (January 9).

However, IT company Cisco own the rights to that name and, in fact, launched an unrelated product three weeks ago called the iPhone – an internet phone.

Charlie Giancarlo, Cisco’s head of development, told The Times: “The iPhone mark has been ours since 1996. Apple did ask if they could buy it. We didn’t want to part from it.”

Initially there was some speculation that Apple‘s new launch might be called the PodPhone, but since the new gadget’s launch it appears a compromise has been reached between the two companies.

Cisco have since admitted that they gave Apple lawyers the final terms of an agreement the night before the unveiling of Apple’s iPhone, but there has been no comment from either Apple or Cisco over whether the name has yet been agreed upon.

Apple also launched a new video stream service at yesterday’s press conference in San Francisco called Apple TV.

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