Apple launch video iPod

The player will hit the US next week

Apple have unveiled their new video iPod.

The original white version of the digital music player has been upgraded, and now features a bigger screen and a thinner casing.

The new iPod will be available in either black or white and customers will have a choice of 30 or 60 GB of storage.

The video-playing gadget follows Apple’s development of the iPod shuffle, mini and nano.

Announcing the new product, Apple boss Steve Jobs said that the company has sold more than 28 million iPods since their launch in 2001 and that more than one million iPod nanos were sold in the first 17 days they were available.

Speaking about the traditional iPod, Jobs said: “It’s been a huge success for us and its time to replace it.”

According to BBC News, the 30 GB version of the video playing gadget should cost £219 and the 60GB will be available for £299. The 40 GB model has been discontinued.

The 30GB iPod should be able to store 75 hours’ worth of video and the 60 GB twice that. Both will feature a 2.5 inch colour screen that is 320 by 240 pixels in size and will be thinner than the existing 20 GB iPod.

Over 2,000 music videos will be available through the iTunes store, at a price of £1.89 each.

US television company ABC are planning to let customers Stateside purchase episodes of shows for $1.99, which will be available the day after broadcast.

It is unclear at present whether this service will be available to European customers.

Movie-making tools that Apple bundles in with Quicktime 7 Pro will be compatible with the new video iPods.