The organisation recognise how "wildly successful" their creation has become...

APPLE have created a new division within especially to sell iPODs.

The computer giant said on Wednesday (May 19), that the new division will be run by Jon Rubenstein, who was previously responsible for leading the company’s hardware engineering efforts.

Apple said that the head of their worldwide sales and operations, Timothy Cook, will lead a newly organised Macintosh division, while Tim Bucher, currently in charge of Macintosh system development, will head the Mac’s hardware engineering.

As reported by Reuters, a company-wide internal e-mail was sent by Apple’s chairman, chief executive and co-founder, Steve Jobs announcing the moves.

An Apple spokesman said: “This organisational refinement will focus our talent and resources even more precisely on our industry-leading Macintosh computers and the wildly successful iPod.”

Over three million iPods have been sold since its launch in October 2001 and industry analysts predict that Apple may develop the device beyond being used solely for music. Already, third party companies are selling accessories to allow the iPod to transfer pictures from digital cameras, and record voices.

Experts suggest that the iPod could soon be developed to enable users to watch films.