The next generation arrives in the UK....

APPLE are set to launch yet another variation on the IPOD.

No sooner has the electronics giant launched the smaller iPod Mini, than plans have been unveiled for the successor to both models.

The new 20gigabyte iPod has a list price of £219 in the UK, with the 40GB device costing £299. The recently-unveiled iPod Mini will retail in the UK for £179 but holds just 1,000 songs – meagre by iPod standards.

The new models also boast a battery power of up to 12 hours, up from eight on previous models. Other design innovations mean the device is slightly thinner, and the four buttons behind the screen have been incorporated in the direction wheel.

Since their emergence in 2001, iPods have come to account for 50% of the digital music player market. However, companies like Sony and Philips are set to launch new devices in an aim to unseat its dominance.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs said: “The best digital music player just got better. The fourth generation iPod features Apple’s amazing Click Wheel for superb one handed control, 12 hour battery life and the new Shuffle Songs command in the main menu—all in an even smaller design that puts up to 10,000 songs in your pocket.”