Download prizes will no longer be chart eligible

The Chart Supervisory Committee make a new ruling

Downloads given away in competitions will no longer be taken into account in the UK singles chart.

The Chart Supervisory Committee, who govern the weekly list, made the ruling, which will come into effect on this Sunday’s countdown (October 9).

The committee have said that the move will ensure that the chart reflects the bestselling singles.

Elton John‘s single ‘Electricity’ was used as a case to highlight the problem, BBC News reports.

In July, fans were given downloads of the track when they entered a prize draw to see the singer perform in Las Vegas.

This helped the single reach the Top Five.

Chart director of the Official UK Charts Company, Omar Maskatiya said: “The previous rules were too vague for either physical or digital singles but until recently the prizes on offer have been of very little value. We acted to ensure the chart is a reflection of the best-selling singles rather than the best competitions.”

He added: “Competitions are still allowed around releases but not those dependent on the purchase of a single.”

The Chart Supervisory Committee is made up of representatives from record companies and retailers.